I hope this doesnt hurt. Much!?


So. Here. We. Are. Then.

My first gingerly steps into the blogosphere.

I haven’t read the instructions (are there any?) so I really don’t know how long I need to wax on for. But I’ll try and contain myself.

Fellow Squares – my name is Donna and I live in east London. I’m Welsh. I say that because I like to think it defines me a little. We can all relate to stereotypes, right?

I signed up for Google’s http://www.wearesquared.com digital marketing and leadership course, because I’m a Director of Communications at a non profit consultancy/think tank that specialises in neighbourhoods and community-led innovation – amongst other things (quick plug: http://www.renaisi.com).

Understanding how to really maximise digital communications and social media to support our business strategy is one motivation but also more importantly is how it can help us to achieve our social outcomes and connect with, engage and ultimately empower communities.

Here’s the very tricky part. I’m also:

1) A luddite

2) A technophobe

3) Very private

4) Lazy

5) An indescribably proud mum of 19 month old, Meg i.e. very busy

6) Did I say private?

So obviously, I’m also a bit bonkers for signing myself onto a course that has me blogging and creating a video of myself for my first assignment.

Truly it’s as appetising to me as swallowing someone else’s vomit. And I suppose perversely that is a useful analogy. Because whilst I have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now a Word press account, I have always have always been suspicious of those that regurgitate every morsel of their lives for consumption. And with such ease!

Anyhow – here I am. And dare I say it, the experience hasn’t been too stressful. The lectures and expert talks have been really interesting and accessible. Andy @Sandoz’s talk on the social web and user behaviour, was especially good. I took notes.  Using pen and paper, of course. As I said – one gingery step at a time!

My aim for the year is to blog a minimum of once a month.  About what I don’t know yet.  Perhaps a Meg blog for the folks back home or something more aligned to the course.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see!